About Managely

Managely began in 2014 as a nameless (the name Managely is Circa 2018), simple offshore content writing service. As we went from writing to formatting content content, many of our clients started requesting to post it as well.

Soon, we started posting some of our content on our clients social properties and web 2.0 sites. Before you know it, we were managing entire WordPress blogs left and right!

Today, we are one of the only service of its kind, not only writing content for our clients, but also managing entire blogs as well as social properties of some of the best bloggers out there in various niches.

We hope to write and manage for even more bloggers worldwide. If you, the person reading this right now has a site/blog that you manage, you can start outsourcing your content production and management to us. Check out our pricing page to see the latest plans.