We write, edit, format and publish content... right on your blog!
That's right - we manage the entire content on your site,
from writing it all the way to publishing it!


  • 1
    Our team writes fresh, new articles for you on a schedule (as per your plan), and of course, around your keywords/topics (and all 700+ or 1000+ word posts,no shi##y 300 word 'snippets'!).
  • 2
    Next, we head over to your site, login and create/format the content right on your site (That means finding and/or creating relevant images/videos, etc.).
  • 3
    Then we write and/or tweak all the necessary settings - adding SEO meta info,the featured image, SE friendly permalink, checking any other settings, and then finally we PUBLISH your brand new sparkling post!
  • 4
    Additionally, we share it on your social profiles (coming soon).

In short: We produce and publish, regular,
high quality content on your site...

...all the while saving you
hours of precious time!

Time... that you can invest where YOU are most required...

  • Promoting your site
  • Focusing on SEO
  • Getting new leads
  • Setting up social campaigns
  • Running ads, etc.

Meaning, you can focus on more important things that
 amplify your site's ROI! 

So who is this service perfect for?



 Save your time writing content every day.  Outsource it to us, and concentrate on nurturing your relationship with your followers/subscribers. Your blog will continue to publish high quality, beautiful posts while you focus your time and energy on more ROI generating stuff.


AWESOME FOR Affiliate Marketers

Do you currently promote anything from fitness programs to laptops? AWESOME! With our service, you won’t be one of those just-another-blog-with-6-”review”-posts! Slowly and steadily, you will become a behemoth in your niche with TONS of high quality content, and with many “nudge posts” as we like to call them.

(Nudge post = Non-salesy posts that educate and pre-sell your audience so that they are more primed to either subscribe to your list, buy your product, or go and buy the promoted product. Win-win-win! 🙂


more content = more sales for E-commerce Folks

Buyers always LOVE to read content that's related to what they wish to purchase!  It justifies their buying choice (reducing buyer’s remorse). This is especially powerful when you drip feed the right content to them based on what they purchase (easily automated with most list building tools these days). However, guess who creates and manages all that content? 😉


Happy clients for Digital Agencies

USE US! You may have clients in varied niches and with various types of businesses. But sans 1% of those really really weird businesses (E.g. rent-a-chicken service... yep, there's one in Michigan!), 99% of your clients will always BENEFIT from regular, high quality content. Your clients' site's will get more authority, more search engine love, more eyeballs, and of course, more ROI!

And guess what... the high authority and
ROI benefits are applicable to each one
of the above!

The more high quality, regular
content you post on your blog...

The more high quality, regular
content you post on your blog...

The more high quality, regular
content you post on your blog...

The more high quality, regular
content you post on your blog...

The more high quality, regular
content you post on your blog...

In short,  you dramatically improve every critical parameter that increases
 your site's ROI
by regularly posting fresh, new content.

And what about the
enormous time & efforts saved…

We keep repeating "time saved" because most  people don’t realize ​
 how much time they waste 
writing content for their site...

  • 1
    First, you need to research and finalize your keywords (which already takes a lot of time). Then before you write even a word, you need to...
  • 2
    Collect references before you start writing (takes anywhere from 10-30 minutes)...
  • 3
    Then you need to curate all the content sources you get (20-40 minutes)...
  • 4
    Then finally begin writing (watch out for typos/grammar)... that 1000+ word post (30-60 minutes), double check the article for the'flow', any other mistake...
  • 5
    Next is entering the WP realm, logging in, opening the post page (or any editor if you use one) and actually copying/formatting the content (this is a HUGE time killer)...
  • 6
    Next you search other related posts on your blog to link to, then finally writing and editing all the SEO meta stuff… (takes another 5-10 minutes)… and… NOT DONE YET!!
  • 7
    Next is choosing the post categories, uploading the featured image, publishing the actual post, and then FINALLY sharing it on social platforms! (additional 5-10 minutes.)


All of this can easily take up to  2-4 hours for EACH post!
And that’s a minimum,  even for seasoned bloggers! 

So that means...

If you plan on posting just one high quality article every other day,
 you're going to waste 720 frickin' hours every year,
super-precious time that you could use to promote your
site and build it’s sales/leads side instead...

And that's why... Cue the music...
That’s why we started...

Managely, is our team of invisible, behind-the-scenes content managers
who will write and publish all the content you need,while saving your time!

team Managely consists of...

15+ writers, a young team of college students (which is also why we can afford them at these rates), specifically majoring in English literature.The best part is, being young students, they’re are excited & bursting with energy, looking for experience and skill-nurturing over the .

This works great for both of us. We train them, raise their skill level (researching, writing and editing specifically for the web), they also get paid for it, whereas as for our effort we get amazing content for you at very affordable rates.

Next, we have  a dedicated in-house team of content editors who’ve used WordPress for years. They are experts in all things WP - formatting your content, checking keyword densities, highlighting your keywords (as per your style - none/bold/italic/highlight effect, etc.), linking out to authority sites, adding internal links to your posts, etc.

In short, you get your own
private team of content creators…
at a fraction of the cost!

So here’s how you can  START applying this advantage
to your site
right now!

Step 1

Sign up with one of our plans below (plans are based on two things - how often you want to post and number of words per post).

Step 2

We ask you to fill your site details - for e.g. your site's details, niche, topics, any specific blogging rules to follow (for e.g. some folks prefer linking out to authority sites, some want it no followed, etc.).

Step 3

We immediately get to work and assign your topics to our young writers. They immediately start researching and writing on your topics.

Step 4

Your actual posting begins approx. 7-10 days after you sign up (so if you sign up on January 1, your actual posting will begin from Jan 7-10, this is just to sort out any teething troubles).

Step 5

For the first 3 posts, we DON’T publish them, we save them as drafts. This is just to get your confirmation on the quality of the posts and formatting. Once you have approved the first three, you’ll get a good idea of the whole process, and thereafter we will publish the subsequent posts as per the schedule.

Step 6

DONE! From now on, your site gets regular content written, formatted and posted on a schedule, completely hnds-free, saving you hours and hours of precious time!


Being an agency ourselves, we have bought licenses to some of the world’s leading, premium WP plugins.

So guess what... we pass those benefits to YOU!

Meaning, when you sign up with one of our plans below, you also get FULLY paid and updated versions of these premium, world-class plugins:

You Get The Entire Thrive Themes Suite!

Thrive themes is the world’s leading wordpress suite FOR marketers. Unlike most other plugin companies, these guys ARE marketers themselves (so they know exactly what we need and... THEY DELIVER!)

For e.g. The Thrive Architect is THE most advanced WP page builder. Forget beaver, forget visual composer, Thrive Architect is literally light years ahead of the competition.We can get a polished sales page done in under 2 hours with it!

Next up, The Thrive Leads (costs $67+) is the most feature-rich lead generation plugin we’ve ever seen (and we’re in the online game since 2004, so have seen pretty much everything out there).

Exit intent pops, click to pop, 2 step, 3 step(!), in-content… you can show your opt in forms to your audience from literally anywhere.And these two are just the beginning! 

There are MANY other plugins in the Thrive family, which is directly worth $197/year.

For you however... you get the benefit of the ENTIRE Thrive suite for FREE with all our plans!

You Get A WP-Rocket Premium License

If you have a wordpress blog, there’s no chance you haven’t heard of wp-rocket. The fastest, most advanced, and most regularly updated wordpress caching plugin.

Get blazing fast, under 1 second load time…  with no additional cost to you!

You Get The Formcraft Plugin With Zapier Premium Add-On!

The slickest, most attractive form builder on Codecanyon. Connects with zapier, SMTP, the whole works. Yours for no cost!

If you buy it now, it will cost = $60/site. Formcraft will help you with surveys, basic contact forms, it also connects to Zapier to add every query to an autoresponder... the possibilities are endless!

Just the basic price of these premium, paid plugins goes over $600/year right now…However, you get them ALL at $0.00(!), just as a “side effect” of partnering with us.

In short, the price of any of our plan will pay itself back​
with just these premium plugins!


Are you ready to do what ALL the millionaires AND billionaires say you MUST do to grow your business…


Delegate your site’s content management to us,  and DON’T SIT back and relax(!), work hard to get those leads,nurture subscribers, and test ads… all the while building a mammoth authority site!


What if you decide to do this yourself? Hire all the required people just like we do…
Can you do it? Definitely… but get this…First, the real world cost of hiring people…


You’ll need at least two part-time writers to generate your core articles (always need two because: what when one of them quits, or gets sick, or can’t work for a while, etc.)…
Cost of 2 part-time writers = About $200-400/month


Next you need to hire a “VA editor” to format, edit and publish your posts. First of all, hiring a VA is a HUGE headache in and of itself. By the time you train someone to work at your standards, they are all ready to work for a big agency!
Meaning you train them, literally at your own cost, to work for a better company.

 After speaking with many guys over the last decade, only about 1 in 20 ever says that a VA has worked with them for at least 6 months. All others quit after a few months (2 being the average).
And the cost? At least $600-1000/month IF you’re going the Philippines/ India route. (And good luck finding a person who can
1) Understand you, and
2) Actually spell correctly!)
Next, you also need to train them. SEO stuff, content tricks, formatting tricks, etc.
Trust us, it’s a major headache that most people we know would do anything to avoid!


Finally, you’ll need a service for either providing you ready-made images, or create unique ones for you (someone with decent knowledge of Photoshop).
Cost? Anywhere from $3/image to $5/image (if hiring someone... and again... with collaboration headaches!).

In short, your cost, if you decide to automate this yourself would be  nothing short of $1000-1500/month AND you would get the hair pulling bonus!

Whereas, with us, since this is what we do full-time, we can actually meet people, interview and vet them, qualify them with writing tests, check their educational background and only then select the right people.

Yes, hiring offshore people is cheap.It’s the vetting, training and maintaining a team that shoots up the cost dramatically!

Bottom line is…

You can do this yourself, but it’ll cost you AT LEAST5-10 TIMES MORE than what we are offering you here. So why fix something that’s not broken…

So let's BEGIN!

Here are the niches we can create content for...


Stuff like writing about symptoms,treatments, natural remedies,product reviews, etc. No technical stuff -don’t tell us to write a paper!

Diet, Weight Loss and Fitness

This is our favorite niche as we have
lots of writers in this one.

Food and​


Dog training, fish, birds,
wild life, products, etc.

Consumer tech and gadgets

Writing on cameras, mobiles, laptops,
domestic gadgets, etc.

Dating and relationship

The ‘fix your marriage’ niche.

Beauty and makeup

Writing on cameras, mobiles, laptops,
domestic gadgets, etc.

Green earth and technology

Climate change

Self improvement and​
motivational stuff

Survival market
and products

Computer and mobile gaming,
Gaming apps

Gardening and other
home improvement


Pregnancy, babies
and child care

Niches we DON’T work in:

  • Personal finance, investments, banking, business ops, stocks, etc.
  • Fashion
  • MMO, blogging, SEO, MMO affiliate reviews, etc.
  • Times
    Astrology, or paranormal stuff
  • Times
    Gags and pranks
  • Times
    Movies, celebrities, TV, sitcoms
  • Times
    Politics or news
  • Times
    Religious hate, religion
  • Times
    And lastly, the adult niche
  • Note: If your niche is not mentioned here: PM, email or skype us and we’lllet you know if we can handle it.

Terms & Conditions


We only manage self-hosted wordpress sites as of now. No Drupal, shopify or custom made sites.


Ideally, we install the extremely versatile Thrive Architect plugin on your blog. This speeds up (and beautifies) content creation and cuts down on a lot of our editors time. Plus, as you know, you can freely use it for all your subsequent pages too (optins/sales pages, affiliate pages, etc.)!Now, in case your site is not compatible with Thrive Architect, or you don’t want to install it for some reason, we do insist on some other page builder even if a free one (check Elementor, it’s VERY good).  We WILL NOT hand-code content in the stone-age WP editor. It’s simply too dated.In any case, this point is not a biggie and can be solved through our discussion in the first week (which is also why we take a week, to settle all these things).


We don’t come up with topics/keywords, that’s your lookout. You have to give us the keywords to produce the content for... Why? Because you know your niche and site best, this is NOT a “SEO” service where we research for keywords, as that would shoot the price for this service.
[Hmmm, maybe we can expand into this later… 😉 not right now though.]


We can’t write on obscure/overly technical keywords like “60 natural sleep techniques”. Be realistic. Of course, we will contact you if any of your keywords hit that territory so you can replace them.


We can’t write on extremely narrow topics. So a Samsung S9, or iPhone 20(!), definitely yes. But some kind of “Altamyst 3300 review” (we came up with it,don’t google it!) which has maybe 1 article on some poor affiliate blog, nope. Again, be realistic, our writers write well, but they’re not wizards to write on
something they can’t find any info on…


Finally, and this is important - this is a long-term service, so rarely, some articles might get delayed by a day or two. In the larger scheme of things, this does not make any difference (it’s like a bodybuilder skipping one post-workout protein shake, doesn’t make ANY difference). So if you are someone who is a total noob/ass about this, please don’t subscribe. For the professionals, REST ASSURED -  your number of posts
will ALWAYS be posted, no worries about that. Just that, very rarely,

it simply might get delayed by a day or two.



Is there a trial for this service?

Yes and no. Since producing content, editing it, putting it up on your site all takes a lot of time, it also costs a lot of $… so while we don’t have a “free review copy”, we do have a single post service that you can try for just $9, that way, you can test us. We would need editorial or admin access to your WP site though...


When/how can I cancel?

Anytime, this is just like any other subscription service, our contract only lasts for the current month. You can stop the service anytime you want by sending us an email 2 days BEFORE a new billing month begins. In case, you contact us mid-way, we will stop it at the end of the billing period.


I use a third party image service, can you make use of it?

Of course, we can use any of your current resources to improve the quality of your content!


Will you manage my social profiles too?

If you get the social profile addon, then yes, we will repost on these social platforms: FB, twitter, pinterest, Google+, Linkedin. But yes, just upgrading at $2/post gets your post published on 5 of the most popular social accounts.

This add-on is currently disabled.


Can I resell your service?

Of course! In fact, we highly recommend you do! The more money you make, the better for us. We do not leave any footprint on your site pointing back to us, so yes, you can definitely resell our service to your clients.


Do I own the premium licenses you’ll install on my site?

No, you’ll own the usage, not the license itself. Meaning, as long as you are subscribed to our service, you’ll have complete access to our premium plugins. When you cancel, you also forfeit the usage of the premium plugins. But no worries, the pages that we would have already created won’t be affected, they will still show up correctly.


Why do you need access to my site?

Duh, to publish the content! Don’t worry though, you can grant us ‘editorial’ access, that’s enough for posting. However, in that case, we won't be able to install plugins or configure them, that’s on you then.


Where can I get in touch with you?

Skype: managely, or mail us at, or head over to and leave your query. Our time zones may differ, but we usually get back within a few hours (if not minutes).


Can I get a discount?

There are services out there charging anywhere from $50 -$150/post! And they don't even publish! Need we say more when we are writing and publishing at under $15/post? :)In any case, the service is already discounted for BHW members, our normal rates are about 30% higher than what you see here.


Do you offer a refund?

Do to the nature of the service, we cannot offer a refund except in one case - where you have subscribed to our service and we haven't yet created your first draft post, in that case you might be eligible for a refund.
NOTE: This is only applicable in this one case, there will be no refunds given in any other case.


Click on this image to go to our site and get started. And if you have any queries, custom requirements, ask in this thread, we strive to reply quickly (or at least within a day if you're on the other side of the planet).
P.S. Content has, and always will be the KING. It is not 'by chance' that ALL the authority websites you visit every day have tons of content published...
P.P.S. The single thing where small/medium businesses fail to compete with the big boys is = delegation! However, now that you have an amazing opportunity to play in the big leagues at super-competitive rates, grab that chance!

Our Contact Info:

Skype: managely


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